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Working in Partnership with 3D Childcare

Shars Braids is a service that is given to you by my cousin Shari Lawrence-Hodges, who is a dedicated Hair technician who promotes the art of braiding, twisting and styling and maintaining steps to further promote healthy hair for children.

Shari has now expanded her brand and is running hair care workshop classes with children teaching them the essentials of maintaining and promoting health hair for both children and adults.

Shari is also very well known for families looking for private hair care services, with many references, photos and proud and positive reviews, Shars Braids will be the next best trend children and adults go to for their haircare treatments.

Shari has a gift for creating and promoting the knowledge and skills for children and adults to further their development and wellbeing, from working in China teaching children English and working in India teaching Yoga Shari brings all her experiences to her hair services such as Demo's, Yoga games and language learning resources.

Shari Lawrence-Hodges

You can be sure to have a professional and catering experience; style cards are available for hairstyle inspiration, product choice cards, with time frames, instructions and benefits of using products.

WORK SHOP - £90/£200

PRIVATE - Prices may very

Email -

Contact - 07393480649


Instagram - @sharsbraids



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