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Nanny Care

Nanny Child Care Duties

​Typical Duties

  • Caring for newborns by changing diapers and giving bottles.

  • Bathing the children

  • Helping children dress

  • Helping with brushing teeth and supervising older children while they brush

  • Teaching children to read and write

  • Teaching toddlers and older children new skills like tying shoelaces or riding a bike

  • Helping toddlers learn the English language

  • Potty training toddlers

  • Playing games with children, especially games that teach number and word skills

  • Teaching manners

  • Doing arts and crafts and helping children discover fun, new hobbies

  • Taking children to the park, museum, zoo or aquarium

  • Taking children to school and activities like soccer or dance class

  • Helping children with homework

  • Caring for children when they’re sick, including giving medicine with parents consent

  • Organising play dates

Typical Nanny Housekeeping Duties

  • Emptying diaper pails or genies

  • Cleaning bottles

  • Taking trash out of the child’s room

  • Making the child’s bed

  • Cleaning the child’s room

  • Organising and cleaning out the child’s closet and room

  • Cleaning playroom including dusting, organising, vacuuming, etc.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting toys

  • Doing the child’s laundry

  • Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after meals with children

  • Picking up toys, books and clothes from around the house

  • Cleaning up the bathroom after attending to the children’s personal hygiene

  • Cleaning up messes made after arts and crafts activities

  • Preparing and cooking meals for the children

  • Preparing school lunches or snacks to eat during activities, trips or outings

  • Packing for the children when they go on trips

  • As the children get older, making sure they complete their chores

  • Preparing meals and snacks for the child’s friends when they visit

  • Cleaning up after the child’s friends when they visit


Standard rate charge = £18ph

Bank holiday = £20ph

Less than 12hrs notice = £20ph

Christmas/NYE = £20ph

Please take into consideration my pricing reflects my Net fees not Gross; Tax, National insurance & Pension


Additional Housekeeping Duties £15-£20 Extra

(Not tasked with the responsibility of caring for children)

  • Making household beds

  • Doing all laundry

  • Making up beds and preparing fresh sheets for guests

  • Running errands, including dry cleaning, grocery shopping or going to the post office

  • Preparing and cooking meals and snacks for the entire family

  • Picking up after everyone

  • Organising, vacuuming or dusting rooms besides the children’s bedrooms and playrooms

  • Buying supplies or clothes for the family

  • Cleaning kitchen, including organising shelves, emptying the dishwasher or cleaning out the fridge

  • Cleaning the bathroom on a weekly basis

  • House sitting or pet sitting

  • Sweeping and mopping floors

  • Bringing the household car to a mechanic

  • Caring for a sick family member

  • Cleaning up after and preparing meals for guests who aren’t children

  • Attending activities or trips that involve the entire family

  • Answering the phone, sending mail or faxing documents

Other Additional Duties - Hair

  • Wash and style full head (any style) = £35 

  • Cornrow (plats) ONLY on full head = £30

  • Cornrow (plats) on half head & Wash = £25

  • Style on half head NO wash = £20

  • Wash, Blow dry and style NO cornrow or plats (pony tail, bun or bunches) = £10

  • Style (NO cornrow or plats) = £5

  • Wash and blow dry ONLY = £5


Sand Art Activities 

  • Parties = £10ph + £25 for 10 Sand art pictures 

  • Play date/borrow box = £12

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